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The Best Countries To Outsource To

The best countries to outsource to typically include India, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Poland. However, there are stark differences in my recommendations depending on what you want to outsource includes.

For example, China is great for outsourcing manufacturing and the actual creation of goods. However, I’ve found them to be a very bad option for content creation or digital assets.

On the other hand countries like Ukraine, Poland and the Philippines are great for outsourcing digital tasks like coding, digital task management, and content creation.

This is due to the huge amount of skilled digital marketers who work for FAR less than Americans due to the drastic difference in cost of living.

While cost-effectiveness, availability of skilled labor, language proficiency, and technological infrastructure are driving factors for me, I also look for other motivations.

I like to look for how how much pride a culture takes in their work, how the workers communicate with me, and overall – the quality of the final deliverable.

My Favorite Countries For Outsourcing

a graphic showing the best countries to outsource to

The Philippines

The Philippines is a leading destination for outsourcing due to its large English-speaking population and cultural affinity with Western countries. The country is particularly renowned for its customer service and call center operations.

Outsourcing to the Philippines is advantageous due to the high level of English proficiency among its workforce, competitive labor costs, and strong government support for the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry.

Companies benefit from the Filipino workforce’s strong customer service orientation and ability to handle a wide range of services, from technical support to healthcare administration.


India remains one of the top outsourcing destinations globally, known for its vast talent pool and cost-effectiveness.

It is especially dominant in IT and software development outsourcing, bolstered by a large number of engineering graduates each year.

The advantages of outsourcing to India include significant cost savings, advanced technical expertise, and around-the-clock operations due to its time zone difference with Western countries.

India’s robust telecommunications infrastructure and policy frameworks designed to support IT and ITES (IT Enabled Services) sectors also make it a preferred choice for technology-driven services.


Ukraine has emerged as a key player in IT and software development outsourcing. With a strong educational system emphasizing mathematics and science, Ukraine offers a highly skilled technical workforce at competitive rates.

The country is particularly noted for its expertise in advanced software development, mobile applications, and cybersecurity.

Outsourcing to Ukraine is advantageous due to the high quality of technical education, considerable cost savings compared to Western Europe and North America, and a growing startup culture that nurtures innovation and technical proficiency.


Poland is well-regarded for its outsourcing services, particularly in information technology and business processes. It offers a strategic location in Europe, making it a gateway for companies looking to operate within the EU.

Poland’s advantages include a highly educated workforce, relatively lower labor costs within Europe, and a strong alignment with Western business practices.

It is particularly beneficial for outsourcing complex software development, R&D operations, and customer service, supported by multilingual capabilities and a robust technical education system.


Mexico is a favored outsourcing location for North American companies primarily due to its proximity and similar time zones. The country is particularly strong in manufacturing and IT services.

Outsourcing to Mexico offers advantages like lower labor costs, cultural alignment, and free trade agreements with the U.S. and Canada.

It is ideal for nearshoring activities where quicker, more efficient communication and travel are necessary. The automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries, in particular, find Mexico an attractive outsourcing destination due to its skilled workforce and integrated supply chains.


China is a powerhouse in manufacturing and technology outsourcing. The country offers a massive industrial base and scalability that few other nations can match.

Outsourcing to China is primarily advantageous for manufacturing due to its extensive supply chains, advanced production technology, and significant economies of scale.

In recent years, China has also made strides in technology services, particularly in areas such as electronics and mobile technology development.

Businesses benefit from China’s infrastructure, vast labor market, and increasing focus on intellectual property protection.

Final Thoughts

These countries are selected based on their specialization in specific outsourcing sectors, favorable business climates, and the overall value they offer to foreign companies looking to outsource.

The right choice depends on the specific needs, including the type of service being outsourced, the importance of cultural alignment, cost considerations, and the desired level of skill or expertise.